Knowledge exchange

Information into action

SWAT’s principal activity is to create knowledge by means of research in the field of solar physics.

Through the transfer of this knowledge both internally and externally, we aim to improve our competitiveness and visibility via the enhanced use of knowledge, methods, and skills that reside within SWAT and SP²RC.

SWAT is made up of individuals (knowledge holders), each of whom has different capabilities and potentials - all of which are necessary to the success of the group as a whole.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer takes place whenever the findings, results, and expertise of members are disseminated locally or more widely.

The dissemination takes place in different forms, including

  • publishing scientific results in refereed journals

  • presentations at national and international meetings and workshops

  • delivering scientific seminars at national and international universities

  • presentation of specialised courses at various summer schools

The ideas, methods and results presented can either stimulate new concepts or be applied to new uses by other academics and experts in this area. Hence, SWAT within SP²RC does not only acquire knowledge, but also proactively shares it.

The dissemination of results also has a public interface. SWAT members are involved in public outreach, through printed and non-printed media channels.

Printed media channels include national and international newspapers, eg UK, Armenia, Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Russia and USA. Non-printed media channels include TV and local, national and international radio stations, and

SWAT members are also engaged with the dissemination of core ideas into primary and secondary schools in Sheffield as part of National Science week and through the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Indirectly, other important parts of knowledge transfer by SWAT and the entire SP²RC are through the top class training that is offered to its PhD students and research associates, and collaborating with a large number of eminent international visitors with whom members have links. SWAT has a truly international character and the research we carry out transcends linguistic barriers.

Methods and techniques relevant to our research can be applied to some areas of industry, such as fusion reactor, tokamak, pattern recognition, aviation and medical research. Whilst we are not directly working with any companies at present on the commercialisation of this research, it is hoped that, through the dissemination and outreach activities we are carrying out, applications for our knowledge could be found in industry.

The members of the applying team will make sure that the results of their research will be made openly available through the usual channels (visual/written media, public outreach events, publications in refereed and conference proceedings). The group will use this website as the nearest opportunity to make its knowledge, expertise and results available for transfer.